Sunday, February 3, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008

Buedingen - Armstrong Kaserne, Feb, 2008


Anonymous said...

First Duty Station from 1974-1977, HHT 3/12 CAV, Communication Section. SFC Juan C. Lopez Retired. Still have German Friends that I stay in contact with and old Army Buddies.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add some photos of Budingen,its only a memory to me as well,although I have many photos to remind me of how awesome West Germany was back in the day........I have a Google page

God bless,
Brian P.Melton
Armstrong kaserne,Budingen,West Germany 84-86 ADA 3-61

Leonard said...


I think I remember you somewhat? I was with the 3/12 Cav. form Aug 1976 to April 1983. Do you by chance remember a guy named Mike Easterling? If so send me an Email:

Anonymous said...

In 1952 and 1953, my dad was in the 4th Division and stationed in Budingen. I am pretty sure that the second foto was the govt housing that we lived in. I recall a chapel between the back of our building and the main gate. If you drew a straight line from our buildings thru the chapel, I want to say there was a large building just inside the fence that housed a hobby shop and just to the right of that building was the base theater.
We were bussed to a school in Gelnhausen.
My dad was a second lieutenant at the time and seemed to spend a lot of time sleeping in tents out in the boonies.
Thanks for the fotos, they bring back memories.

David Jones, son of Jefferson R. Jones

Anonymous said...

I was stationed at the Ernest Ludwig Kaserne with 28th Arty a Honest John unit for 10 month 1961 then sent to Northern Greece. Best beer in Germany. p.f.c. D. Freeman

Anonymous said...

I was stationed in Budingen from 89-92. 4/7 Cav and 1/1 Cav. Deployed from there for Operation Desert Storm.
I love Budingen and it's people. Best duty station in my entire enlistment.

Charles Brady said...

3/12 Cav, November 1969 thru December 1971. Remember it well, different military. I retired from Army in 1997 as a Warrant Officer (Blackhawk pilot). I was then recalled back on active duty in November 2007 for 3 years due to Blackhawk pilot shortage and need for pilots in Iraq. By the way I was a M551 Sheridan Tanker in Swinging Buedingen hahahahaha

Charlie Brady

206Frosty said...
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206Frosty said...
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206Frosty said...

I missed the the mark on my info.

I was in Büdingen From April 82 to Sep 83. Troop C 3/12 Cav

Brian Wallis said...

That's the same time frame I was there. My absolute favorite duty station.

R Lampard said...

Dec '86 to April '88. HQ Platoon, B Battery, 3/61 ADA. Boy was it cold when I got there! And, no heat in the maintenance building that winter!!

Thought about extending, I liked Büdingen so much. But, the reenlistment games turned me off and 'we' were already drawing down and was an 'early out' by about 2 months.

Also thought about staying there as a civilian but couldn't figure out what to do for a living and just went home. What if???????

The whole area was beautiful. The trains made it cheap and easy to get around if your feet or a taxi wouldn't suffice. A rallycross track (Gründautalring?) was built between Gründau and Lieblos and I went to the first big event there. Had a blast and walked about 2/3 of the way back when an old German couple pulled over and asked if I needed a ride. They spoke no English and I spoke only a tiny bit of German. Very nice of them.

Lots of little memories like that.

Anonymous said...

Charles Brady,
Hello, my father was stationed in Budingen from 1969 t0 1971 , I was a very young teenager. My good friends father was Lt. Norman Woods, I remember going with him to work a few times. Do you remember that name? His wife Maria passed away while there from brain cancer. My father worked at the gym

Anonymous said...

My pops was there 69-72 Carl Isaacson.
My name is Lance my brothers name Kirk
loved playing in the woods in the old Bunkers. going down town to the model store.
Going to the AYA on the top floor to play pool and hang out
one of the few name i remember Charlie Stancel(sp) his pops ran a mess hall.
any way peace and GOD Bless

Chuk said...

I was in Germany at that time too 68-72 although I was 3-7 years old. My father was a drill instructor in 3-12 Cav. Tanks. Sgt Leslie E. Norris. He boxed and coached the German boxing team in the area.
I remember riding the bus to school and going to the market. I am going to Europe this summer and hope to go back to Germany - budigen and see old places. Are the barracks still standing and the housing buildings.

Anonymous said...

First duty station after AIT, 3/61st ADA PAC Clerk 1979-1981, awesome times! Miss guys like Hector Tito Matos, Juan Dennis of the 3/12th CAV.

206Frosty said...

I'm not sure if it is OK to post a link to our Face Book Page so just look up 3rd Squadron 12th Cavalry Regiment (3/12 Cav)

ronald scurry said...

I was assigned to the 3rd Bn, 61st ADA in Budingen, Germany from August 1970 to August 1973. Initially I was the XO of Alpha Battery which was commanded by a Captain Roy B. Attride. In April of 1971 I was promoted to Captain and in July of 1971 I took command of Charlie Battery. First Sergeant Carl E. Issacson was the first sergeant. My first XO was 1LT Maltarich, then 1LT John Evans. My platoon leaders were 2LT Wimberly, 2LT Aker and 2ld McDonald. If anyone knows any of the soldiers who were assigned to Charlie Battery, please pass on this note and ask them to contact me.

Ronald D.Scurry
Major, ADA

Tommie. C. USA. Retired said...

I was in Budingen from Oct 1983 to August 1985 HHT 3/12 Cav,I remember the long convoys to Baumholder and to Hornfels along with our tanks moving everything out the way on those small roads.We had a gun ho Squadron Commander Ltc Col Thurmond.

Earl Moses said...

I was there the exact same years. Great time. Brain I do remember you. You were a y young dude when you got there.

Viktor Reznov said...

Do you know the addess there I was station there in 2007


Robert Colon,, was in 3-12 Cav Commo with SFC Zeeks and SSG Moore. From July 81' till Dec 82'. We were in Headquarters company if I remember correctly. Maybe not thought I may be wrong. But we did a lot of support for the tank ranges and I had my wife there and made a lot of friends. Would be nice to re-connect. If anyone sees anything familiar here email me at
Thank you, awesome page!

Mike said...

I was stationed there with 3/12th cav as a helicopter mechanic..... 1968 - 1969 Just back from Vietnam..... fond memories

Tammy S said...

Hello my family was station Budingen in the 1970's My father was a Drill Sgt. Edward Charles Schreffler. I would like to see if anyone remembers him, I am sure he would love to hear from the people he served with.

Information needed...

Whoever can help with history of Camp Eschborn, please add your memories of the place as it used to be in the 70's through 90's.

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