Sunday, June 20, 2010

Frankfurt - Hoechst Housing

Frankfurt - Hoechst Housing, Jun 2010

Frankfurt - Hoechst Housing, Jun 2010

Frankfurt - Hoechst Housing, Jun 2010


Lola said...

How about Aschaffenburg I lived there '61-'64 and would love to see old pics of the base housing.

Forgotten Memories said...

Thank you for your message.

I will try to get to Aschaffenburg to take pictures of the old base housing, but apparently the area went through massive reconversion process and I do not know if this will look anyhow similar to what you remember.

If you could give some hints on the location of the housing area, that would definitely help...

Cheryl said...

Cheryl Bragg Reimer
Hoechst Housing 1968-1971

Went to Frankfurt American Junior High School

Anonymous said...

I lived in the Hoechst housing as a kid in 1970-72.I don't remember that many trees as in the photos. I do remember Cheryl Bragg and her brother. There were two Officer buildings, two or three NCO buildings and a few duplexes for the CO' s etc. There was also a great community center. The NCO quarters were nicer than the Officer quarters. Legend had it, that a previous CO had made the officers move into the NCO units that were adjacent to senior officer quarters. Behind our building was a wheat field that stood between us and the cemetery. The cemetary was across the street from the gym and the bowling Alley. Behind the NCO quarters was our little league field. I went back to check out the housing area in Hanuary 1983 and the community center was vacant and overgrown. There was also a huge apt building instead of the wheat field. Bill McLester

Anonymous said...


I lived in Hoeschst housing as a kid from 1968-1971. I am living in Belgium and would love to be able to visit the area to see how it has changed. Does anyone know how I would find out an address or get directions? I would love to see old pictures from that time period as well if anyone has any.

Thank you,

Teresa (Wright) Lockard
Hoeschst Housing 1968-1971

Information needed...

Whoever can help with history of Camp Eschborn, please add your memories of the place as it used to be in the 70's through 90's.

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