Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friedberg - Ray Barracks

Friedberg - Ray Barracks, Feb 2009

+50° 19' 30.02", +8° 44' 53.99"

Friedberg - Ray Barracks, Feb 2009

+50° 19' 21.10", +8° 44' 52.14"

Friedberg - Ray Barracks, Feb 2009

+50° 19' 22.15", +8° 44' 52.24"

Friedberg - Ray Barracks, Feb 2009

+50° 19' 21.05", +8° 44' 52.19"

Friedberg - Ray Barracks, Feb 2009

+50° 19' 28.12", +8° 45' 31.87"

Friedberg - Ray Barracks, Feb 2009

+50° 19' 29.42", +8° 44' 56.57"

Friedberg - Ray Barracks, Feb 2009

+50° 19' 21.10", +8° 44' 52.14"

Friedberg - Ray Barracks, Feb 2009

+50° 17' 4.35", +8° 40' 10.50"


bluecolnago said...

that was a small kaserne when i was there in the early 70s. your pictures are wonderful! i was in the first barracks to the right after you drove onto the kaserne from the main gate off of frankfurterstrasse. so very much has changed there since i was there. feeling a little melancholy tonight :)

Joel said...

WOW I spent 12 years of my career in Germany beginning in 1975 with my final tour of Germany ending in 1998. It seems so strange to see a lot of the places that were huge in the 80's are now gone but with sites like this never forgotten.

Jack said...

I was also in the first barracks to the right after you drove onto the kaserne from the main gate off Frankfurterstrasse. I served there in the early 70's. I was married in the chapel in May of 71. I drove a Volkswagen race car on the dirt track at the back of the kaserne. Wonderful memories...the photos are great!

JoeB said...

Did they take down the sign at the front gate dedicated to Elvis?

allen said...

I was there from May 1988 til May 1990 in D co 4/67 armor.
I would like to go back and see what it looks like now.

J3AD said...

was there from 89 to 92 with D 2/67 armor, Iron Dukes. Many good and hard times, kinda miss the service and the people.

DevLew said...

Talk about memories, my first Duty Station straight out of Benning Dec 12 1985, "No Slack Alpha", I remember counting the days until PCS. Got my E2 stripes and a Nickname, learned Grafenwoer better than the back of my hand, voted the most Dangerous Driver in an APC, no accidents...Met Super Soldiers and those who should have stayed home with the kids. Got hit in the head by Candy in January and danced like a Duck on the Nord Sea in the Studio.

Anonymous said...

does somone know larry burke
he were stationd at the ray barracks
between 1985- 1992
it wpuld be grea if somone answer me
god bless

Joe Brown said...

I was stationed at Ray barracks in the 2/27 FA HHB and C Btry. from 73-76. I first lived in the barracks to the right of the main gate, then in tent city for six months, then moved into barracks right above the MP Station and worked in 2/27 BN Headquarters S-3 across the street directly north of the MP station. Sgt. Joe Brown.

Bronzel Brewer said...

I was there in 1970-71. 2/27 arty ammo section.
Wonderful memories. Loved the German food.
Remember the Paprika downtown and the lake in Bad Neuheim

Anonymous said...

Spec4 Colbert 2nd Trans Co.Sept85/Apr87 Great times joes fantasy,saxton hausen,2nd Trans Boys Representing on the softball,flag football fields.Great Memories...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to model a vw raced at Freidber--the number 1 yelllow beetle with KIRCH GONS on the back and OVERSEAS SERVIVES on the roof. I can't make out the front graphics. Can anyone help?

Jorge Rodriguez said...

I too was at Ray Barracks, SVC BTRY 2/27 FA Bn. Maint. 78-80.....lived above the MP's.

Jack Curran said...

I was there from 93 to 95 in 2/67 and again from 97 to 2000 with QST Cav BRT. Sad to see it like this. Never thought I would miss the studio.

Anonymous said...

1/27 infantry 1990 good duty station stayed there 5 yrs

Anonymous said...

C 1-32 AR, (The Bandits), '71-"74.
"Animal House" with Tanks back then.

Anonymous said...

I was stationed there too in 1971 to 1973 when Jack (above) was married in the Chapel in 1971. I remember the car he drove on the race track for B/6/59th. It was bright yellow with red lettering for the unit. Great guy, and I have the best memories of my life there. Thank you for the pictures.

Zeke Bolden said...

We were the at the same time. I was the NBC NCO for A and B company

Anonymous said...

Hey Colbert, it's escudero. I was stationed with you at 2nd trans. Remember plenty of times at Joe's at still getting though PT in the morning.

Anonymous said...

C 1-32 AR, '71-'74.

dover dan said...

Dan Klonitsko

I was stationed at Ray barracks in the 2/27 FA HHB. from 83-89. I first lived in the barracks to the right of the main gate,then to temporary barracks, then moved back into barracks, worked in the motor pool working on jeeps,trucks,Gen's,and 113's.Any time we went to Graft I was the 1st SGT driver. I remember the Field duty 9 monhts out of the year. 2/27 BN Headquarters

Vivian Register said...

In doing my research I found that my father (Charles H. Register) a US Army personnel was at the same base w/elvis because I was born in Frankfurt in 1959 & my sister was born a year later 1960 in the town of gessien??? This was exciting for me because it lead me to a place & time in my family history. I will be sure to visit & Im sure that will bring some tears.

I'm planning my trip to visit my birth country Germany in Oct 2017. If anyone could help me out im trying to find out what army hospital in frankfurt I could have been born at in 1959. any advise I am grateful.


Forgotten Frankfurt said...

Most likely you may have been born at 97th Army Hospital in Frankfurt - which was the biggest around.

I will try to keep you updated with what's going on with Ray Barracks, but - unfortunately - the plans are the area will go through significant changes in the coming future. City of Friedberg is considering converting the former barracks in a housing and business district. To my information, none of the former buildings are to be preserved.

Information needed...

Whoever can help with history of Camp Eschborn, please add your memories of the place as it used to be in the 70's through 90's.

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