Sunday, November 16, 2008

Langen - Langen Terrace Family Housing

Langen - Langen Terrace, Nov 2008


Langen - Langen Terrace, Nov 2008


Langen - Langen Terrace, Nov 2008


Langen - Langen Terrace, Nov 2008


Langen - Langen Terrace, Nov 2008


Langen - Langen Terrace, Nov 2008



Anonymous said...

In this Housing i met my friend Gregory in 1994 , and later my best Friend Calvin, who is now the Godfather of my Daughter. It´s a big pain for me to walk trough this NOW empty Area. All the Memories come back to me....

Thanks for a great time between 1994-2000 !

Holger from

Anonymous said...

i lived there for almost 8 years and yes, its very sad what the city of Langen plans for this area.

this was the only area in langen where childs could play safely and with a wide variety of diffrent toys etc...

the new owner of this area setting up some signs which saying that only owner of those rented flats are allowed to play on those playgrounds.

its so sad...but hey, thats germany.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, great site, as an Army-brat now living as a civilian in Frankfurt and even having family just moved to the Langen Terrace Housing, I feel the sadness of all these great places being closed (Hanau is the next) and some even destroyed.

But at least a lot of people gain access to some good and affordable housing in the Rhein-Main area.

Thank you so very much for making this page!

If I can be of any support with pics etc, let me know!
(you definitely have to take more pics of good old American Housing in Frankfurts Westend, its great just walking by ;-)

Take care and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I live now with my family in Block 509. We like the area and the appartment very much.
Congratulations to the American way of life. They know since long time how to build adorable places. Unfortunately the City and the new owner plan, to build more houses on that ground. So we founded a Citizens' Initiative. Here is the webpage.

Please look and write comments. It is ok if you write in english. You can send us photos too. We will fight that it hopefully stays as it is. Be sure that the barbecue is still on fire there. Gretings from Neurott Klaus

Anonymous said...

Oh what memories. we were station at Rhein Mein AFB from 1963-66. And we lived in Lagen Terrace.I was just entering teen years.Oh I miss the hard rolls from the bakery and fish shaped candy and the awesome country side. Thank you for this site & have a blessed New Years

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful to see my childhood but so sad. I loved playing on the streets of Langen Terrace while my mom worked at the shopette, and dad went to RM. We lived here from 67 thru 79. I still buy only good German Rye bread and can still smell and taste the German countryside.
SSGT Daniel A Padilla's daughter: Jeanette Padilla

Anonymous said...

Lived there from 1977 to Summer of 1981. Was able to find my building using Google maps using the GPS coords.

Chris McAndrews said...

By chance I found this website. My parents lived here (1983 - 1988). Also, I was born here. Unfortunately my mother died at my birth. My father was in combat at this time. I did not notice as much as I still lived here. It is nice to see some pictures of my home where I was born. I would have liked to see more pictures. Thank you.

Greetings from Gelnhausen (Hessen, Germany)
Chris McAndrews (Sirrow)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for setting up this site, it is living history not only for those US personel who were living in Germany but also for us Germans who remember the presence of American families in their home town and may have friends in the USA.

Timothy said...

I lived at 503 C-2 from 1990~1991after construction was completed at Building 500 we moved there to C-2 then 503 went under construction left in 1992 to the worst duty station of all Charleston AFB Sc what a shame my dad didn't stay longer, if I would walk through there now I would cry, it was the best duty station and place to live

Anonymous said...

We were among the first families to live in Langen Terrace Housing. We moved into 504 A-3 in 1958 and lived there until 1962. I was just 4-8 years old but I remember it well. I rememeber the playground that our apartment faced with the red and white "mushroom" that revolved and when they built the concrete slide. Didn't work too well! I attended the housing kindergarten and remember playing in the adjoining playgrond with the two sided slides. We'd buy candy at the shopette and climb on top the baseball dugout. I especially remember sitting on my bedroom window ledge and watching the snow falling on the forest that was just behind our building.

I visited LTH in 1977 and it looked much the same as it had 20 years earlier. The people who lived in our apt. allowed me to come in. What memories!


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