Saturday, October 6, 2007

Frankfurt - Hansaalee

Frankfurt - Hansaalee, August, 2006

+50° 7' 42.03", +8° 40' 14.88"

Frankfurt - Hansaalee, August, 2006

+50° 7' 44.97", +8° 40' 11.50"

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Anonymous said...

When looking for available info on ENGCOMEUR, I found your blog. I was a civilian (woman) working for the Estimates Section, US Army, Engineer Command, Europe in the late 60's, I left in August 1970.
At the time I went back to my country (Portugal) and in September 1985 I left again to this part of Europe. I'm retired and I share my time between my home country and Belgium and Luxembourg.
I don't remember exactly but I believe that the new buildings were at the Hanaalee. When I joined ENGCOLEUR, I still worked for some time in an awful place that had served as a prison during the war; I don't know the name.
It was very nice the remember those happy times of my youth, though I were unable to recognize the buildings.
I wish you the best. Feel free to contact me if you so wish.
Dulce Rodrigues

Information needed...

Whoever can help with history of Camp Eschborn, please add your memories of the place as it used to be in the 70's through 90's.

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